Teaching Experience

Department of Mathematics, UM

MATH 526 (Discrete State Stochastic Processes), F2020

Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, UCSB

PSTAT 120A (Probability and Statistics), F2017, 2018, W2019, S2018, M2018, 2019
PSTAT 160A (Applied Stochastic Process), F2019, W2020
PSTAT 170 (Introduction to Mathematical Finance), W2018, 2019, S2019, 2020
PSTAT 171 (Mathematics of Fixed Income Market), S2019, W2020
PSTAT 176/276 (Advanced Mathematical Finance), S2018, 2020
PSTAT 193 (Internship in Statistics), F2018
PSTAT 199 (Independent Study), M2018, S2020

Department of Applied Mathematics, IIT

MATH 252 (Introduction to Differential Equations), F2016, S2017
MATH 333 (Matrix Algebra and Complex Variables), S2017
MATH 474 (Probability and Statistics), M2017

* F: Fall, W: Winter, S: Spring, M: Summer